The Fae are our allies. Sometimes shitty ones, but allies all the same..
— Evana Northwood on the Fae.

The Fae are a species of ultra-terrestrials, creatures from an alternate universe, making them technically "demons" though they reject that classification. Most witches and hunters accept this, due to the strong diplomatic relationship with them, however some do still call them demons; this is often seen as bigotry. Their monarch is Oberon Lessoa who rules with his couplet Messaline Vaseri in the capital city of Avalon.



Due to their natural ability to shapeshift, fae rarely put much importance in the sexual organs they are born with, as they are able to completely shapeshift into having the opposite, and thus have no real concept of gender outside of the context of human culture. It is known to be completely possible for a faerie to be able to "father" one child and "mother" another (Oberon, for instance, claims to have only fathered seven of his children with Messaline, the other two he was the mother of).


Natural Eye ColoursEdit



Different faerie clans have different ways in which they traditionally mark their skin, though most instances have died out some, only being used in joining ceremonies and similar such events;

  • - : mark their skin with a red waxy/oily substance, which they'd infuse with different (usually floral) scents. Though this is only usually done for joining ceremonies and similar such events.
  • - : mark their skin with silver swirls and patterns, which are supposed to describe their attributes as people. These are now only traditionaly done for joining ceremonies and similar such events, but are often used by earthbound fae of many tribes as a fashion item.