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Evana "Eva" Louise Northwood
Biographical information

6 December 1996




In a relationship with Freya Petto




21 July, future (killed by "She")

  • Eva (to most)
  • Hellsbane (Oberon's nickname)
  • "Rose Carter" (American alias)
  • Northwood (by enemies and the people of her settlement)
Physical description

Witch (human)



Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Family members
Love Interest(s)

Frey Petto

Magical/Other characteristics
Specific Skills
Specific Weakness

Most Other Magics





  • Northwood Family
  • Rafferty Family
  • Soldier
  • Exoscist

“So now I stand before a sorry, sad little creature, proclaiming herself as a god, but who has to brainwash herself an army to fight her battles because no one sane would chose to fight for her; and it didn’t even work.” [Eva chuckles] “I shouldn’t laugh, it’s more sad than anything.” [“She” is seething, Eva is smiling] “You’re not a god, you’re pathetic; and I can kill you”
— Evana vs She

Evana Louise Northwood is the fourth child of Emmie Northwood and Cameron Sorin, the younger sister of Freddie, Scralett and Sky Northwood, and the elder half-sister of Zach Northwood. She is abnormally mentally resistant for a human, which has led to her being taught exorcism as her main specialism. This is also presumed to be the reason why Evana was particularly resistant to the brainwashing abilities of “She”. Evana also seemed to show great leadership skills, unintentionally becoming the unofficial leader of the ersatz rebellion, and the retaking of London in season 5; during which she managed to unite the witches, hunters and many of the demonic factions.

Eva has learnt to fight evil all of her life. As she was a Northwood, most of this training was in the magical craft in her late childhood and pre-teens. However, as soon as it became apparent that Eva was, while able to grasp the idea of magic and use it to some degree, it was not her strong spot. This was why she received such extensive weapons training in her mid to late teens.


Early LifeEdit


"You think I hate you? I don’t hate you I envy you, I envy that you have a choice, right now you could leave this but I can’t. I don’t care if you leave here right now and we never see you again, all, I won’t hate you for it. 'Cause fighting's all I can do, that's not your fault. But if you stay I’ll always wonder why; because, you know how lonely this life is, how harsh and how you know you’re gonna die bloody some day and it terrifies you to death, yet still you don’t take your chance and go?"
Eva asking Peter why he wants to contine hunting

Series OneEdit

Series TwoEdit

Series ThreeEdit

Series FourEdit

"Make no mistake, your time is running short. My people were arrogant at first, we thought we could win. We were wrong. As the [word un-translated] decimated our world, we eventually grew to lose the concept of beauty; this creature extinguishes beauty everywhere it goes. Remember this, what you have now, I mean; one day, one day very soon, your memories will be all that’s left of such things."
Hayliea Vanse, an ultraterrestrial



Skils, Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Freddie NorthwoodEdit

Melenie ToddEdit

Freya PettoEdit

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